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South Africa Volunteers

How to get here!

As a volunteer you will be responsible for getting yourself to Umtata where you will be met and brought to us in Port St Johns. The journey to PSJ from Umtata takes just over an hour.

We will arange for a shuttle to pick you up and bring you to us. A pick up from the Shell Ultra coach stop will cost R250 or a pick up from Umtata airport will cost R280.

Most international flights fly into Cape Town or Johannesburg airports. You can then get a connecting flight to an airport closer to us.

Umtata airport is the best option but can sometimes be a bit costly. Check out flights on

Other close airports are East London or Durban. You can then catch a coach/bus to Umtata. (4 hours from East London and 6 hours from Durban). Check out coaches on

NB: The stop you require is Shell Ultra City.

If you require any further assistance with booking any part of your journey please contact us.