South Africa Volunteers

Living positive

The Living Positive Support Group was formed out of a recognized need for education, support and awareness regarding HIV and AIDS. The women are pro-active in their own education, and that of their community. They practice yoga, aromatherapy and massage. With the help of C.A.R.T the group has been learning about nutrition and permaculture gardening.

"We are a group of women living HIV positive. This group is all about how to survive when you are affected by HIV and AIDS. It's about supporting each other, and loving ourselves. This group is all about long life after HIV and AIDS." - Nelly Nokwanela Mvambo

In conjunction with "Creative Seeds" - an American/African collaboration established in early 2008 - story telling, performance, written word and poetry are also being developed as a way for the women share their experiences of 'living positive' with each other, and their community.

Perceptions are starting to change within the community, but it's a slow process. The women are faced with suspicion, superstition and little, or no, HIV/AIDS education here. But each of them has made a strong and powerful commitment to face this head-on; to help themselves, to educate and to change these attitudes for good.

"We can be anything in life. We can also do everything to help ourselves from the virus we have... it's good to talk about HIV and AIDS when you are affected. Please good people, let us talk about HIV and AIDS" - Nelly Nokwanela Mvambo

Funding is in the process of being obtained to enable the group to build a healing centre that can accommodate yoga classes, massage therapy, education and support for all those infected.

How can you help?

The women are constantly looking for new ideas and input into alternative ways to create a healthy mind and body. Share your skills and knowledge of meditation, Thai Chi, massage, pilates or anything of the healing nature.

Roll your sleeves up and help us to create a wonderful healing centre for all this to take place in. We will be making our own bricks, creating an outdoor labyrinth and planting healing herbs and flowers to surround the centre.