South Africa Volunteers

Operation mango

In our quest to become self-sustainable we took on the immense project of producing 10,000 bottles of mango atchar. Operation mango atchar or the mango mission as it became affectionately (!!) known as, saw volunteers, trainee teachers, local community members, traveling backpackers and mango farmer Diane, chopping, drying, spicing and bottling for hours and days upon end. Although we didn't reach our goal of 10,000 bottles the undertaking was still a huge success. As a famous saying goes 'aim for the moon and you might just reach the stars', well reach the stars we certainly did. The energy and dedication shown by everyone involved was a truly amazing experience to be part of. We are not a volunteer project that comes to do good things then disappears, community involvement and the responsibility of each individual to create a better future is our ultimate goal. The 'mango mission' gave us strength and hope that together we can achieve this. The finished product is absolutely delicious, it is not just homemade it is community made and believe me you can taste the magic.

More community based products are also being developed, banana jam, carrot and ginger chutney and the ultimate coffee experience 'transkei gold'. We will keep you informed of the 'transkei gold' coffee in further updates.