South Africa Volunteers

Sicambeni Rural University

Sustainable opportunities open to volunteers.

The Opportunities open to volunteers at the sustainability project we are developing in Sicambeni village just outside of Port St Johns, are huge and the potential for building still more opportunities is even bigger.

The opportunities that abound here for volunteers with ideas and paths forward to improve and enrich the ongoing community development towards the goal of sustainability will provide self starters with a context within which they can build content that is beneficial to themselves as well as the community.

Along with the opportunity to meet and work with rural people that are striving to improve their position on this planet and not relying on government and big business handouts, volunteers will have the chance to find themselves and be able to contribute time and ideas to a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Life changing is a phrase that gets used far too often and yet we have people that have passed through our part of the planet and expressed thanks for the opportunity and used that phrase as well as others just like it.

There is no specific daily schedule simply a need to do things that have to get done in the day to day running of a community that sustains itself without hand out contributions from the outside.

Volunteer time, effort and patience in getting to understand the dynamics here is of more benefit to the community than cash and advice from people that have never been here but sit behind computers and just throw stats around.

The chance to set down a footprint and watch one of your own ideas take wings and fly, contributing yet another brick to the foundation that supports the journey towards sustainability may just be intoxicating enough that you want to stay longer and contribute more ideas.