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Sisonke School

The School opened on Wednesday January 16th 2008.

Sisonke School uses a variety of educational philosophies to bring about the best possible education for it's children. School is not, after all, a place just to get minds educated but a place of social interaction and joy where, if it is approached in the right way, true understanding of life can be explored.

Our school Sisonke which means together is run by local people. It aims at bringing life into education through poetry, music, drama, art and practical activities. Children are born with an innate thirst for knowledge and learning but this can quickly disappear when they enter a system based on tests and text books. Spoon feeding children what has gone before will not take human kind forward. New imaginations will only shine through if the possibilities are left open. To close a child's mind is to close the door on our future. The whole community is involved in our school and the parents are awakened in their hearts to play an active role in their child's education. We are teaching traditional crafts, cultural stories are told by elders and music and rhythm imbue everyday. A deep understanding of nature and the world fills every subject from measurement, to money, to science, to art, our curriculum is alive.

Now entering our 8th year, we have outgrown our current buildings and it is time to expand from our humble beginnings. We are in the process of receiving outside funding to go towards building our new dream school. With the hope of finding appropriate land, this coming year promises to be an exciting one.

Click here for an idea of a typical day at Sisonke School

Visit our school website for more information - Sisonke School