South Africa Volunteers

Stanislav, Kristyna, Tereza, Sandra and Alice.

I enjoyed the variety of activities that we could chose from and I also appreciated the personal contact and directness of the project leaders. Everybody was always very helpful and ready to assist us with everything. Kristyna Sediva, Czech Republic.

All of you are nice, friendly people and you really cared about us in general. I really think the projects are exciting, useful and so inspiring!! Can't wait to get home and start my own garden! The philosophy of the projects also impressed me a lot. You are really doing a great job. Tereza Sediva, Czech Republic.

Friendly atmosphere, good organisation, I could see 'normal' life in South Africa not just as a tourist but from inside. My stay helped me get a better understanding of problems faced by people in South Africa. Stanislav Cetkovsky, Czech Republic.

I enjoyed getting involved with the community sharing skills but also learning new skills. The rewarding experience of working with the children and their energy to learn was a pleasure. Sandra Ebsworth, England.

I really enjoyed spending time with the children and interacting with them. Going up to the village was very educational, learning how to be self sufficient was definitely an eye opener. I also loved the happiness within the children. Alice Wright, England.

February 2009.